#Throwback Thursday: The Brontës: Veins Running Fire

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As we reminisce on the over forty years that God has blessed Ambassador International to remain in business, we are highlighting a different #backlistbook each week in a series called #ThrowbackThursday.

This week’s book is The Brontës: Veins Running Fire by Derick Bingham, a fellow native of County Down in Northern Ireland, and published by Ambassador International in 2008.

The story of the Brontë family is one of incredible romance, immense genius, and haunting sadness.

Patrick’s notable daughters Emily, Charlotte, and Anne came onto the pages of literary history with, amongst other work, their novels Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall which now grip the imagination of millions of people in the twenty-first century. Branwell, the most promising of Patrick’s children is mourned for the wreck of his talent. All had the fire of deep emotions running in their veins.

In the The Brontës: Veins Running Fire, Derick Bingham seeks to trace the influence of Patrick Brontë’s unfaltering evangelical faith on the lives and work of all his children. Here is faith in the face of unremitting tragedy, imagination soaring out of pitiful sadness and doubt vying with hope for dominance.

The world will truly never see such a literary family again whose life story is every bit as fascinating as their fiction. You can learn more about The Brontës: Veins Running Fire and find purchase links HERE. This book is available in ebook, audio, and paperback. Don’t miss this fascinating story!

Ambassador International’s Review Crew

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Ambassador International's Review Crew

Do you love books?! Do you love Ambassador International’s mission of spreading the Gospel through the written word? If so, Ambassador International’s Review Crew is the perfect place for you! There are a limited number of spaces, so learn more and sign up HERE.

Five Things about J.M. MacLeod of “The Siege of Logon’s Bridge”

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Learn more about your favorite Ambassador authors with our “5 Things” series. J.M. MacLeod is the author of Tolkien-esque fantasy series, The Saga of the Singing Sword Brigade, with book four The Siege of Logon’s Bridge releasing on March 7th! Check out John’s five fast facts below…

J.M. MacLeod, author of Saga of the Singing Sword Brigade seriesBeing at least half-Scottish heritage, I’ve always had a fascination for sword and crossbow stories. The novels of Kidnapped and Rob Roy and Treasure Island often took over my imagination and filled my playtime hours in the mountain woodlands of eastern Pennsylvania as I grew up. The Sunday School and Church my family attended taught us songs like “I’m in the Lord’s Army” and “Onward Christian Soldiers” likening the adventure of soul-winning to fighting against the Devil and his kingdom and rescuing people from a horrible fate.

As a teen, I learned to play guitar, thanks to the Ventures and The Beatles. When I volunteered working with Youth for Christ I met a fellow believer who played keyboard; together we formed The Owl of Light, a Christian folk/rock band, explaining in our testimony that like owls, we were creatures of darkness but came to the light. Actually, we chose the name because we had a big, old stuffed owl that we took along on our gigs.

I met my soul mate, Beverly, in college and married her asap. Immediately after we went from Pennsylvania to Indiana where I had a Summertime ministry/job running a Christian coffeehouse called “The Sign of the Fish” where we tried to introduce counter-culture teens to the Gospel. After returning to PA we were attracted to a local Bible Study group calling themselves “The Move of God” that seemed to take teachings of Scripture to a new level of revelation. Through a series of supernatural events we wound up on one of the Move’s communal farms to await the End Times and the Return of Christ. The revelations and supernatural phenomena soon became weird and quite a few of the leaders of the group became abusive to many of the “non-elite.” We left not only the farm but The Move as well.

We started raising children, four in number, all born in the 1970’s spaced about 2 years apart. I became a commercial school bus driver and did odd jobs during the summer months to support the family. The lay-over hours between bus runs is when I started to write about our journey through deception in The Move and what we learned from that bitter experience. I also was enchanted with Tolkien’s writings, reading The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings several times, enjoying them again and again as if I was visiting old friends. Then I began to wonder if I could ever write a Christian fantasy like C. S. Lewis but following more the genre of Tolkien. Thus began The Saga of the Singing Sword Brigade.

While learning the craft of writing (as I still am) in addition to school bus driving, I worked as a reporter/photographer on two New England newspapers, manager of a school bus company in New England, truck driver in Tennessee and am currently retired but still driving for LYFT— until royalties come rolling in.

Our four children and their spouses have produced for Beverly and I fifteen grandchildren who, in my unbiased opinion, are the smartest, most good-looking, best-natured and obedient children ever born.


You can find John on his website, Goodreads, and Bookbub! Learn more and order John’s newest novel, The Siege of Logon’s Bridge, here!

#Throwback Thursday: Treasury of Daily Devotions, compiled by Charles Edwards

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As we reminisce on the over forty years that God has blessed Ambassador International to remain in business, we’ve decided to highlight a different #backlistbook each week throughout the year in a series called #ThrowbackThursday.

It has been said that “We stand on the shoulders of giants” in reference to the legacy of those who walked with God in previous generations.

Treasury of Daily Devotions was originally compiled by Charles Edwards and published by Ambassador International in 2012. This daily devotional brings us the writings of influential Christians in previous eras, including C.H. Spurgeon, F.B. Meyer, Catherine Booth, Matthew Henry, George Mueller, R.A. Torrey, E.M. Bounds, John Wesley, D.L. Moody, Frances Havergal, J.C. Ryle, Andrew Murray, John Owen, Amy Carmichael, John Bunyan, Robert Murray McCheyne, A.W. Tozer, Martin Luther, J. Hudson Taylor, and many other people of faith.

The zeal of these men and women will challenge us to go forward in the Christian life and be equipped to serve the Lord. Spiritual growth, like physical growth, requires careful nurture. For this we need help from God and from His servants sent to encourage us along the way. May this “Cloud of Witnesses” minister to our timeless needs.

Want to read this book but don’t have time now? Add it to your Goodreads HERE. Ready to get started? Find the link to your favorite retailer HERE. Currently available in print and ebook.

The Inflation-Proof Christmas Gift Guide for 2022!

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The Affordable Gift Guide for 2022!


Christmas is right around the corner, and what a year it has been!

So many of us have been hit with hard financial times during 2022, and Christmas gifts often need to look a bit different this year.

With that in mind, we’ve assembled a list of book-ish gifts you can give those on your Christmas list while supporting Christian organizations and writers!


Shop Small and Local!

Consider the gift of a good book from a local author, Christian publishing house, or independent bookstore.

A book is a gift that keeps on giving and purchasing from a small bookstore, historic publishing house, or local author allows you to direct where your precious earnings are going!

We’ve discovered that many of our supporters don’t realize that our store is always open and that larger orders can go directly through us. Our authors are often willing to sell a signed copy of their book, as well.
In this season of tight budgets, we want to spend our money wisely and intentionally. 

Give an E…Book!


Are new print books still out of the budget this year? Consider the gift of an e-book or audiobook!

While we all love the look of books on a bookshelf, gifting someone an e-book or audiobook allows us still to give the gift of reading – but without the tighter price tag. Be sure to follow your favorite authors and publishers for updates as to when these books go on sale!


We Love Libraries!

Finally, don’t forget the power of your local library!

After you’ve spent your budget on Christmas gifts, don’t forget to indulge in some delightful reading for yourself by requesting new releases and old alike from your local library. Adding a book to your library’s retinue also improves demand and visibility for that book! A win, win for everyone!

During these difficult and trying times, financially and culturally, we are more honored than ever to be able to bring well-written Christian books into the world.

But we can’t do it alone. By purchasing, sharing, and reviewing our books, you give Ambassador International the light it needs to keep filling the world with counter-cultural books that bring glory to God.

In all things, we give God the glory and thank you for your support. 

The Team at Ambassador International 

The Twelve Days of Christmas

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The Twelve Days of Christmas

A terribly written, bookish parody!

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...a Christmas mysteryyy!

On the second, third, and fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…




On the fifth, sixth, and seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…one of each of these!


On the eighth, ninth, and tenth days of Christmas, my true love gave to me…one of each of these!



On the eleventh and twelfth days of Christmas, my true love gave to me…the gift of a book review!

Is Christ in Your Christmas?: A Letter from Our Publisher

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For many adults and children alike, Christmas truly is “the most wonderful time of the year.” Families come together, gifts are exchanged, and plenty of food is eaten. But with so much going on, we can find ourselves so wrapped up in the business and blur of the season that we miss what Christmas is all about. We become so enveloped in trying to find the perfect Christmas tree, sing the perfect Christmas songs, and find that perfect gift for loved ones that we forget that these minor things are not the true meaning of Christmas. It is so important for us to realize that we need to slow down and be reminded of our Savior’s birth and the story of the first Christmas.
 Author Karen Straszheim shares her experience and thoughts about Christmas in her book A Sanctuary in Our Midst. She walks readers through that first Christmas night, shares of the events leading up to it, and explores what it means to us today. She reminds us not to get caught up or strung out in the midst of the holiday madness and rush. Her book helps place the focus where it should be during the busy Christmas season: on Jesus.

“People in the Bible were glad for what they learned about God from prophecy. At Christmas, we also can be glad for what we learn about God from Scripture. One day, we will enter heaven with everlasting joy. For now, we can enter Christmas with singing, gladness, and joy. He came so we can know Him.”

“If God had not loved and protected Joseph, Mary, and Jesus, what would have been the outcome for them? In Matthew, it says that “Herod gave orders to kill all the boys in Bethlehem and its vicinity who were two years old and under.” There was heard among the people “weeping and great mourning . . . Parents weeping for their children . . . because they [were] no more” (Matt. 2:16,18). But Joseph and Mary returned to Israel with their child still living. God’s love was shown to them through the protection of their child’s life.

“Some people feel unloved or abandoned throughout the year and these feelings are noticed even more in the Christmas season. Our culture says this is a time to be with family. But for some, the people they’d like to be with are absent. A parent hasn’t been there for them as a child or an adult. For others, an important person has left, quit, walked out or died, leaving them feeling deserted, cast off, or rejected. A person who has been abandoned can feel lonely, forgotten, forlorn, or sometimes hopeless.
”God, however, says, ‘I will live among the [people] and won’t abandon my people’ (1 Kings 6:13). Jesus had a Father who loved Him and didn’t abandon Him to permanent death. We have the same Father who gives the same love and care to us He gave to His son Jesus (John 17:23, 26). We have hope in a love that is unfailing (Ps. 147:11). He shows us His love with the forgiveness He of­fers us. His compassions are new every morning (Lam. 3:22-23). He is merciful and faithful to us (Heb. 2:17). God is a parent who is there for His children. He listens to us attentively: ‘ . . . You will call upon me and come and pray to me and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart’ (Jer. 29:12-13).

“If you are feeling lonely or forgotten this Christmas, call on your heav­enly Father. A Sanctuary in Our MidstPray and let Him know how you are and what you need. He will be there for you.”
“God is both supremely above us and with us. Jesus, He who saves, is also Immanuel, God with us. He is a king who is a servant to His people (John 13:1-16). God gave me a banquet of knowledge about Himself and then proclaimed a holiday. He “distributed gifts with royal liberality,” which included the gift of rest (Esther 2:18). This idea changed my thinking about Christmas.

“Christmas, for me, now isn’t the usual, a time to be busy. It has become a time for understanding what rest is: rest from sin and rest from work; a time for having joy in who Jesus is and what He came to do. Ezekiel 37:28 says, “The nations will know that I the LORD make Israel holy when my sanctuary is among them forever.” As a sanctuary, God shelters His people. He watches over us and takes care of us. He is in our midst to help us in the ways we need. This Christmas, may you, too, find Him doing the unexpected in your life in ways that show you He is a sanctuary.”

To learn more about Straszheim and A Sanctuary in Our Midst, visit HERE.

Christmas Books for the Whole Family

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It’s December! The lights are up. The trees are decorated. Christmas music is playing. The cookies are baking.

What’s missing? A good book, or two, or a dozen!

If you’re still looking for Christmas books this year, we have you covered.

First, for the kiddos…


I Want A Water Buffalo For Christmas


 Judy DuCharme has done it again and written a clever classic for yet another age group to enjoy. I Want a Water Buffalo for Christmas tells the story of LaGory, a young water buffalo, who brings life to a family in dire need. Circumstances mysteriously fall into place to create the life-giving wonder of giving to those who have less. Children of all ages will learn the true meaning of Christmas in this fun, cleverly written book. An excellent read for families trying to teach the Reason for the Season this Christmas.


Oddball Ornaments: The Story of Christmas


Next up on the Christmas list is the oddly titled ( we jest!) Oddball Ornaments by Terry Overton tells the adorable story of the ornaments in the attic, excitedly waiting for their time to shine. Except, instead of being pulled down from the attic, the ornaments are replaced with new ornaments. Something isn’t right. Determined to get to the bottom of the matter and discover the true meaning of Christmas, the Nutcracker sets out on an epic quest to climb the Christmas tree and get to Angel. Maybe Angel will be able to proclaim what Christmas is all about – once and for all.


Baby Jesus Is Missing

For the older, middle-grade readers on your list, a Christmas detective story! Baby Jesus is Missing, and the small town of Reedy River seems to be having a crime streak. Will sisters, Catherine and Susanna Mae be able to find the baby Jesus figurines in time? Or will their detective case take them down a journey of loss and betrayal this Christmas season? Perfect for the readers who want just a bit more to their Christmas tales.


For teens and adults alike!


Life’s About Relationships: A Foundation for Good Relationships

Next, everyone knows that the holidays can make relationships difficult, but Dr. Don Woodward argues that, Life’s About Relationships in his new book titled just that. With an easy, conversational style,  Woodard examines the common struggles that relationships of all sorts face, and gives Biblical advice as to how to face them. Perfect for anyone dealing with conflict or new relationships this year!


A House Without Walls

For the discerning reader comes Dan Crabtree’s A House Without Walls, a Christian’s perspective on the ethnically divided church and how Christ unites us all. In a sea of conflicting attitudes and division, this book draws the Body of Christ together once more. A must-read for the Christian seeking Biblical systems during this season of upheaval.

And finally, what is Christmas without a miracle?

They Call Me “The Miracle”: The Carmen Rice Story

They Call Me The Miracle is the story of Carmen Rice and her decades-long battle with a brain tumor that should have claimed her life within six months. Instead, Carmen is here with us today, proclaiming her story, the truth of the Gospel, and the miracle that God gave in her. A must-read for those struggling with faith, discouragement, or hardship during this season.


We hope these books bring joy and delight to your family, and you draw you closer to Christ this Christmas season.

Merry Christmas from the team at Ambassador International!


Thanksgiving Books + Primary Sources for Kids + A Double Author Interview!

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Thanksgiving Books + Primary Sources + Children’s Author Extravaganza 


Thanksgiving books for your kids that teach YOU and belong on your bookshelf year ’round? We’ve got them!

Rebekka Parry

Ah, Thanksgiving! There’s nothing like it. But too often, the books we read our children aren’t crafted from the best primary sources, or hewn from the knowledge that we can’t truly know everything in history.

Enter our three favorite Thanksgiving books for kids!


The story of Sarah Josepha Hale


But wait, there’s more! We’ve added a Zoom interview with two of our Thanksgiving authors so that you can learn about the history of Thanksgiving with all the books and research right at your fingertips!

We know. We know. It’s too good to be true!

Click HERE to check out this incredible interview, gather fun anecdotes for Thanksgiving dinner, and maybe add a book or two to your holiday bookshelf!